WriteUpp: Improvements & Bug Fixes (in v2.02.6)

We are always looking for ways to improve WriteUpp and this New Year has been no different.  Here is what we have been up to:


Grey Header

We have made a number of improvements to the grey header as a result of the “Switch” changes and some issues that arose with VERY long client names. It now works like this:

  • For new records the title bar now displays what it is, who it is for and shows ‘Switch.’ ‘Status Draft’ and ‘In progress’ have been removed as these added no value and took up valuable space, as below:TitleBar_1
  • For saved notes, that are still editable, the title bar will display what it is (i.e. Note, Document, Assessment etc) and when it was last saved (Date and Time.)  The Patient Name and ‘Status Draft’ has been removedtitlebar_2
  • For Read Only records the item name will be replaced with the name of the actual record and ‘Read Only’ will be added to the endTitlebar_3
  • Long patient names (those with a combines length of over 30 characters) will now be displayed like this:TitleBar_4

Healthcode “Controlling Specialist”

The ‘Speciality’ drop down for Healthcode Submissions has been modified so that you can now also:

  • enter your Provider Number if you are the “Controlling Specialist”
  • enter the Provider Number of a “Controlling Specialist”

Emailing Draft Assessments

You now have the ability to email an assessment when it is in “Draft”

Bug Fixes

  • Healthcode ‘Error’ Message after clicking ‘Send to Healthcode’
  • Error creating an invoice if the status attached to an appointment has been deleted


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