WriteUpp: Finance Improvements

As promised we have focused our development efforts during the summer on the financial aspects of WriteUpp along with a few other tweaks. This is the first of a series of releases aimed at significantly improving our financial capabilities.

New Features

Charging By The Hour

Many users have requested the ability to charge on an hourly basis rather than a fixed rate so we’ve delivered.
We’ve now added a toggle (see below) in Settings->Scheduling->Appointment Types->Edit that will allow you to switch the charging model for an appointment type from fixed rate to hourly rate.
For more information about charging using an hourly rate just click here


Based on your feedback we know that many of you are keen to see reports about the performance of your practice. So, we kicked this off by developing a few standard income-based reports which you can toggle between a graph and grid view.
And here’s the same data in gridview:
We’re planning on adding more reports going forwards so if you have any further ideas please drop them through to us by clicking on the large question mark in the top-right corner of WriteUpp and then click on “Submit A Request”.
For more information on Reports please check out the Reports section of the Help Centre.
In addition to these new features we have also implemented all of the “behind the scenes” work for Healthcode integration which will be released as soon as we get the green light from Healthcode following live testing. You can read more about the upcoming Healthcode integration here


Change Paid Invoices

You can now modify the payment method associated with an invoice if you have mistakenly marked an invoice as “paid” with the wrong payment type. For example, if a client pays by credit card but you mark the invoice as paid by cash. To find out more click here

Change Unpaid Invoices

If you have created an invoice, which is unpaid and you realise you want to change the reference, address or who it is “payable by” you can now edit this information rather than re-creating the invoice from scratch. To find out more click here

Enhanced Finance Business View

To make the Finance Business View more useful we have made a number of changes, shown below:


  1. We have combined the Paid Invoices, Unpaid Invoices and Bad debt tabs into single view of invoices with a filter that allows you to select those invoices that are: Outstanding, Bad Debt & Paid
  2. We have removed the pagination on these views so that you can see all of your data at once
  3. We have provided an invoice number search in the Invoices tab so that you can quickly and easily find invoices
  4. We have added the total value of the invoices

Added “Total Value of Appointments in Diary Next Month” to KPI’s in Dashboard

To give you extra visibility of your forward bookings we have added an extra row into the KPI’s

Activity List Tweaks

The printout of the Activity List now included the appointment status

Turn Off Online Booking Verification

We know that many of you like the protection offered by SMS/Email verification but in certain circumstances other users feel it is unnecessary impediment to the booking process. With this in mind we have provided the ability to “Turn Off” verification.
You can read more about this here

Bug Fixes

  • Internal messages are now listed in Business Views->Messages
  • Now able to book into cancelled slots in Online Booking
  • Location variables are now being populated correctly in Online Booking confirmation emails
  • Problems with passwords > 15 chars have been resolved
  • “Export to Excel” has been replaced to wth “Export to CSV” to provide a solution to the issue introduced by Microsoft in a recent Windows security update. CSV files can be opened in Excel, Numbers and most other spreadsheets
  • Appointments in the diary now pick up the timetabled location by default
  • Danish address format on profile view

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