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What’s the thinking behind the revised website?

Background On Tuesday next week (14th January 2020) we will be launching a new marketing website at WriteUpp.com that will also feature some tweaks to our branding. This article explains what you can expect to see and (for those who are interested) the rationale behind the changes. To be 100% clear, these changes ONLY relate to WriteUpp.com and have […]

6 Great Branding Tips for Your Private Practice

These days Healthcare is a competitive business. There will always be competitors whose services are cheaper, closer or better. Which is why you need to ensure that your brand stands out. Below are some great tips to consider when branding your practice, as recommended by Guy Kawasaki, a professional author and business advisor.   Make […]

The 7 P’s of Social Media Marketing for Private Practice

The merits of social media for creating a successful private health or wellbeing practice are often lauded for helping you to build a successful brand and extend your client base. Writing for Forbes, Susan Gunelius recommends the following 7 P’s to social media marketing success: 1. Perception Establishing a strong brand for your private practice […]

5 tips for getting the Marketing Strategy right for your Private Practice

When starting a new Private Practice, a large amount can often be spent on a marketing strategy that does not represent the business, and offers a low return on investment. Mark Asquith, marketing director at DMSQD, states that small businesses can make fundamental mistakes by either selecting the cheapest option for marketing, or employing a […]

How to create a successful Personal Branding Campaign

Writing for Mashable, Sudy Bharadwaj recommends some key techniques for developing and promoting your personal brand effectively through traditional marketing techniques. As the CEO of Jackalope Jobs, Bharadwaj states that “self-marketing” can go by many names, but is essential for creating a brand that customers can reliably buy into. These strategies apply as equally for […]