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How do I build a conversion-focused practice website?

Background I’m writing this article because I received a message from one of our clients recently who was obviously quite p!$$@d by his experience of working with a number of different web development shops. He very kindly and flatteringly asked if we would consider building his site because he loves WriteUpp and he likes the no […]

Japanese pickled turnip could be a cure for flu

Pickled Japanese turnip also known as ‘Suguki’ has been claimed as a superfood by many fans of the vegetable. Japanese scientists have recently discovered that indeed this vegetable has some amazing immune system boosting powers. It contains Lactobacillus bugs which could help fight the flu virus. It is thought that the bacteria could even prevent […]

Private Practice Tips: How to write great Blog Posts

Having a blog with original, fresh content is the cornerstone of a successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. Now that you know you need to start writing blog posts, what can you do to make sure they well formatted, coherent and engaging? 1. Add headers Breaking the body of your text down into distinct sections […]

Getting to grips with WordPress for your Private Practice Website or Blog

It’s not difficult to see why WordPress is an extremely popular choice for creating websites; it’s powerful, customisable, and most importantly, free. Over 60 million sites now use this robust platform which is the foundation of 18.9% of the top 10 million websites globally. Used properly, WordPress can be an extremely powerful tool, and let […]

Keeping your Website and Blog Content “Evergreen”

When writing website and blog content, it is important to write in an “evergreen” fashion that avoids time-sensitive content so they will be relevant and persist over time. Whilst it is important to continually uptake and refresh your content for Search Engine Optimisation and user uptake purposes, well written articles can remain relevant over a […]

How to write a successful blog that promotes your Private Practice

Creating a blog which is filled with relevant and frequently updated content can be invaluable in connecting with customers, driving traffic to your website and strengthening your brand. Writing for The Guardian, Abidemi Sanusi of Ready Writer Copywriting states that a high-quality business blog one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to promote your […]