Remote User Setup, Expense Reports & Tweaks

New Feature

Remote User Setup

As a site administrator you can now set the settings for your users. This includes visible hours in the diary, working hours, breaks and default views in the diary.
Just go to Settings->Users and you will now see three dots at the end of each user row. Here you can edit the user’s profile, their settings and you can also deactivate them.


Expenses Reports

The expenses functionality gets used in two ways in WriteUpp:

  • To record expenses associated with treating a client
  • To charge clients for fixed price items or services. This could be anything from providing a splint through to a complete procedure like Rhinoplasty

With this in mind we have added two new reports. “Expenses by Month” and “Expenses by Type” so you can clearly see expenses incurred or income generated from fixed price items/products

Increased Default Date Range in Finance->Non Invoiced Appts

This has been increased from 1 week to 1 month so you have more visibility of non invoiced appointments and hopefully fewer mouse clicks!

Added Create Date for Tasks

We thought it would helpful for you to see when you created a task so you know how overdue it is (or isn’t). This appears in the same place as the date/time stamps that we show for Notes, Documents and Assessments

Added Dental Annotation Images

The following images have been added to the annotation library for dentists

Australian & New Zealand SMS Gateway

We are gradually transitioning all geographies (globally) over to a single SMS gateway provider. The new provider is based locally (to us here in Halifax), has an excellent track record in this field and provides us with super responsive support. Better still, they have some technologies that will over time provide us with the ability to provide you with detailed status information about each and every message that you send.

Bug Fixes

  • KPI’s on Dashboard now account for Hourly Rate Appts
  • Clicking on an Online Booking notification now switched the Active Patient

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