Physiotherapists Can Help Tackle Lethargy ‘Epidemic’

Physiotherapists and other health professionals could play a vital role in an attempt to reverse an ‘epidemic’ of sluggishness across the UK.

A report by the all-party Commision on Physical Activity has revealed that people in the UK have ‘simply stopped moving’.


Which is very worrying considering this lack of physical activity is the cause of premature deaths to about 37,000 people every year in England alone.

It has been estimated that ‘lethargy’ costs the UK economy about £20 billion annually. Unfortunately the projections indicate that by 2030 these figures will rise by another 15%.

The authority stated that this ‘toxic tide’ can be stopped if all of us including health care professionals and teachers work together to ensure that daily physical activity becomes a ‘lifelong habit’.
The report recommended that a national plan should be put in place, which would be reviewed every year with a collaborative approach for funding events and campaigns to increase awareness and promote a change in lifestyle.

The report suggests that everyone should be involved in integrating more physical activity into our lifestyles including schools, towns and private healthcare practices.

“It is clear that we need to design physical activity back into our daily lives,” The commission stated.

Physiotherapists, nutritionists, massage therapists and other healthcare professionals will play a vital part in raising awareness and promoting action to be taken.


Chief Executive, Karen Middleton, has said that CSP (The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) members could be crucial role models for people in their local area to encourage them to increase the level of physical activity they do each day.

“Every encounter they have with patients and families is an opportunity. I think the public see physios as an obvious choice of professional to lead on this agenda – and if we don’t lead it, there will be plenty of others who will.”
We believe that a little daily dose of exercise is vital to an overall sense of well being, especially when it has been scientifically proven that exercise makes us happy!
Of course it’s very easy to put off that walk to the shop because it’s raining outside or just simply too cold. However if we train our mind to perceive exercise differently we are much more likely to achieve our goals of increasing our overall levels of physical activity and getting healthier in the process.

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