Managing Expectations about Digital Health

In David Shaywitz‘s article for Forbes he suggests that there are at least two major areas where digital medicine might be expected to play a significant role. The first opportunity is in helping to motivate behavior change by spurring patient engagement, whether in something as basic as completing a full course of antibiotics (I could easily imagine a motivational app […]

1 in 3 using Social Media for Health Information

A survey by PwC has revealed that one in three people are now turning to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to access health information. The Health Research Institute arm of PwC surveyed over 1,000 consumers and 124 healthcare executives in the US, monitoring their social media traffic for a week. The results […]

Tablets are even starting to make it into the NHS!

Last week two NHS Trusts, Blackpool and Guy’s, indicated that Galaxy tablets will be deployed to staff as part of major new IT investments.   Their low cost, portability and ease of use make them ideal devices for Therapists both in the NHS and Private Practice. When WriteUpp launches (Summer ’12) it will optimised to run […]

Pocket-sized "Lightwriter" assists communication

A pocket-sized communication aid is being launched which enables patients with speech and physical difficulties to communicate quickly others. The “Lightwriter Swift” communication aid can be used to aid spoken and written language, and can supplement or replace speech as necessary. As a portable text-to-speech device, it combines a keyboard with a text prediction service to enable […]

Interactive Metronome Therapy for Head Injury Patients

A form of therapy known as “Interactive Metronome” therapy is being used to treat patients with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and other Cognitive Disorders.   Following a head injury, disease or behavioral disorder, the synchronized “cranial clock” in the brain is disrupted. This can lead to physical problems with breathing and […]

iPads assist learning for Autistic Children

Students at schools in the US are being given access to iPads to assist children who are diagnosed with autism and learning difficulties.   The iPads are being provided to students at Pace School, a centre for children who are facing behavioral or emotional disorders who have been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. Speech and […]