Ability to order note & attachment keywords, other improvements and bug fixes (web v2.13.21)

This release (web v2.13.21) brings you the ability to order your notes & attachment keywords. It also sees changes to how your document templates and 3rd parties are displayed, along with some other small improvements and bug fixes.  Here’s what we’ve been up to: Improvements Ability to order your note and attachment keywords We’ve introduced […]

Improvements & Bug Fixes (web v2.13.19)

This latest release of WriteUpp (Web v2.13.19) brings you a few improvements that will aid you in the every day running of your practice and some bug fixes. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week: Improvements More variations added to recurring appointments When you book a recurring appointment, you can now choose from 6,8,10 and […]

Status of appointment added to the calendar feed, improvements and bug fixes (web v2.13.18)

Following some really useful user feedback this WriteUpp release (web v2.13.18) contains some great improvements that have been requested and some bug fixes. Here is what we have been up to: Improvements Status of an appointment added to calendar feed If you have your calendar synced to an external calendar (iCal, Google, Outlook etc) the status […]

If your website isn’t mobile friendly you’re losing income

This article provides evidence of the significant shift towards mobile internet usage both amongst clients in the healthcare industry and more broadly across the population. It also explains how you can verify if your site is mobile friendly (or better still mobile optimised) and what the implications of not having a mobile friendly site are […]

Ability to link to a file/folder in external storage, Improvements and Bug Fixes (web v2.13.17)

This release of WriteUpp (Web v2.13.17) brings you a fabulous new feature that we are sure you’re going to love. You now have the ability to link out to files/folders that you have in external storage, we’ve also included the ability to add a custom gender when creating a patient file plus some other improvements and […]

Addition to timetabling options and Bug Fixes (Web v 2.13.16)

This small WriteUpp release (Web v2.13.16) paves the way for some more exciting things to come. It includes the addition of  a “Fortnightly” timetabling option and some bug fixes. This is what we’ve been up to: Improvement Addition to timetabling options We have included the addition of a “Fortnightly” timetabling option when scheduling time across […]

Video Consultation is disrupting!

What is video consultation? As the phrase suggests a video consultation is one that doesn’t take place face to face. It’s handled online using some form of video chat/conferencing technology like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or an embedded solution most likely based on an established video conferencing technology like WebRTC. The client participates in […]

Addition of home phone number to Data Export, Improvements and Bug Fixes (web v2.13.15)

This release of WriteUpp (web v2.13.15) sees the addition of the patient’s home phone number to the data export, some other improvements and bug fixes. Here’s what we have been working on: Improvements Addition of “Home Phone” number to data export A patients home phone number (if detailed in their patient summary) will now be […]

New "Boost" notifications, improvements and bug fixes (web v2.13.14)

This version of WriteUpp (web v.2.13.14) brings you a more prominent notification method, known as a boost update, some more great improvements following user feedback and some bug fixes. Here’s what has been happening: New Feature Introduction of “Boost Notifications” A “Boost Notification” is a new optional way to be notified of events in WriteUpp. These […]