Heads-Up: Switch & Enhanced Notifications

In the next release of WriteUpp we’re going to be rolling out a number of important enhancements. The following post explains what to expect.


Switch is a small but mighty enhancement that should dramatically speed up your workflow.
With Switch you can change your “Active Patient” as and when you’re doing something in WriteUpp.
For example, you’re completing an assessment for Tom Palmer but then you get a phone call from Olivia Bell to book an appointment.
Previously you would have had to save your note, click on the search field, search for Olivia, click on the diary icon, click on an available slot and then book the appointment for Olivia.
With “Switch” you can save your assessment for Tom Palmer, click on the diary, choose a slot and then hit the “Switch” icon, highlighted below
Without breaking your workflow you’ll then be able to quickly switch Active Patient by:

  • Quickly searching for Olivia’s record OR
  • Selecting Olivia from your Recent Patient if she’s in there OR
  • Creating a completely new record for Olivia

Once you’re done you will be able to go back to Tom’s patient summary, choose the assessment that you saved before Olivia rang and continue working.
Switch isn’t just limited to appointments. You can switch when creating:

  • Notes
  • Assessments
  • Documents
  • Tasks
  • Messages
  • Attachments
  • Expenses
  • Invoices
  • Discharge

In each of these cases the “Switch” icon appears in the grey toolbar, as highlighted below:

Enhanced Notifications

We see notifications as a great way to present business critical in a timely but non-disruptive way. In the next update we have made a number of enhancements to Notifications, most notably:

  • Secondary action buttons, for example the ability to “complete” a task directly from the Notification

    Or “Reply” to a message directly from the Notification

  • Richer Content – Now instead of just seeing that you have a message you will be able to see a snippet of the message
  • Cleaner user-interface – We’ve given each Notification more space and made them easier to clear


The next update, v2.02.5 should be released some time in the next couple of weeks

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