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How do I enter information about my Treatments?

If you are using Online booking, it is important to let your clients know about the treatments that you offer. This might include things like: What will the treatment consist of? How long will the treatment last? What should your client wear to the appointment? How much will the treatment cost? To edit your treatment information: […]

WriteUpp- What will my clients see when they use Online Booking?

Online Booking is a great addition to your WriteUpp package. It’s one, in our opinion, you shouldn’t be without! For a nominal extra fee of £4.95 + VAT/month your clients will be able to book directly into your diary 24*7! Once you have configured Online Booking, your clients will be able to: Check and book availability […]

WriteUpp: Using Google Analytics with Online Booking

These days if you have an online presence its imperative that you have Google Analytics set up on your practice website. It provides you with a plethora of analytical data ranging from: where visitors came from how long they spend on your site which pages they visit what % bounce off your site after hitting […]

Online Booking: Use Key Metrics To Review Your Performance

Ever wondered how Online Booking is performing for you? The Key Metrics dashboard gives you a simple view of your bookings for the current week, month, year and all time There’s nothing to set up. Its just a simple count of the number of appointments that have been booked online along with their total value based […]

WriteUpp Online Booking: Layout Flexibility

I’m sure you will be pleased to know that next week (most likely early on the morning of Wednesday 2nd March, barring any final QC issues) we’ll be launching the new version of Online Booking. As we’ve been endlessly working through testing (again and again) we decided to add a new group of Settings to […]

Online Booking: Give it a try!

In the run up to releasing the new version of Online Booking we thought it would helpful to let you work through the booking process. So we’ve created a fictitious clinic called “Honey & Desk” where you can book online. Everything works, including the text and email reminders. The only thing we ask is that […]

Important Changes to Online Booking & Add-Ons

In the coming weeks we’ll be introducing an all new version of online booking. If you want to read more about what’s coming you can check out all of the articles we’ve previously posted here. However, this post focuses on how we are going to licence Online Booking and other “add-ons” that we’ll be introducing in the […]

WriteUpp Online Booking: Themes

When WriteUpp Online Booking launches in a few weeks you’ll be able to customise your site so that it matches the branding of your existing website. You’ll get to choose from six beautiful themes that you’ll be able to select in the all new admin area of online booking. Here they are in action: Not long to wait […]

Early Preview: WriteUpp Online Booking (Part 2)

Last week we released an early preview video of the front-end (What your client’s will see) of the all new online booking engine that we’ve been working on. At the time I mentioned that we’d produce another preview video showing you briefly how the back-end of online booking works. i.e. What you’ll see and the way […]