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WriteUpp – How do I see more information about a booked appointment?

With the recent changes to the diary you may have noticed that the end time of the appointment is no longer visible in the appointment block. We have had feedback from some users to say that this was something that they used a lot so, at a glance, they knew what time the next available […]

WriteUpp – The wait is almost over!

Testing of the new ultra fast, feature-rich diary is in full swing! We wanted to let you know that the wait is almost over! In the meantime we have put together a quick explainer video of the new diary to show you how it is going to work. We are sure you’re going to love […]

Ultra Fast, Feature-Rich New Diary – Video Preview

We will soon be entering the QA phase of the new diary rollout. This is where we test every aspect of the new functionality before we move to the release phase. In the meantime, as things are really taking shape now I thought I would share some of the highlights in a brief video: Enjoy! […]