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WriteUpp Case Study – Alison's Story

Recently, Alison Moore kindly offered to speak to us here at WriteUpp about her experience with the software and how it has fitted into running her business. We had a question and answer session and it was really interesting to hear Allison’s story. 1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your […]

Physiotherapists Can Help Tackle Lethargy ‘Epidemic’

Physiotherapists and other health professionals could play a vital role in an attempt to reverse an ‘epidemic’ of sluggishness across the UK. A report by the all-party Commision on Physical Activity has revealed that people in the UK have ‘simply stopped moving’.   Which is very worrying considering this lack of physical activity is the […]

The Brain Structures Memories by Time

New research has revealed that our brain stores memories by their ‘temporal context’, namely what happened before a memory and what came after. “We need to remember not just what happened, but when,” said Liang-Tien (Frank) Hsieh, a graduate student at the University of California, Davis, Center for Neuroscience and first author on a study […]

Meditation – What Does It Do To Our Brain?

Many people are very skeptical about meditation and often decide that it isn’t for them, when in truth the likelihood is they don’t know very much about it. What is meditation? This is a question that most people don’t really know the answer to. Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains their mind […]

Daydream More -It Works Out Your Mind

Tips on “resting your mind” are becoming a noticeably important in our busy lifestyles. We are urged to rest our brain whether that means having an hour a day free of technology, taking up yoga or transcendental meditation.   A thought springs to mind – what is the criteria for determining if the mind is […]

Build Social-Emotional Vocabulary in Toddlers

Social-emotional literacy is “the ability to recognize, label and understand feelings in oneself and others”. It is an essential skill for emotional control, successful social interactions, problem solving and a child’s ability to emotionally relate to others. Research revealed that teaching toddlers emotional vocabulary can have a very significant and lasting impact on a child’s […]

Supporting Teenagers with Speech and Communication Needs

ICAN is national children’s communication charity which has been around for 125 years. “I CAN’s mission is to ensure that no child who struggles to communicate is left out or left behind.” They achieve this through influencing work, raising awareness and training packages. They have a helpline available for anyone that would like to gain information […]

The Best "Expressive Language" Apps – Reviewed By a Speech Therapist

There are many Language Apps for iPad that can be used effectively to develop your child’s language and written expression. Children are now using technology devices such as iPads from a very young age, therefore using a technology platform which is familiar to them can greatly enhance their engagement and response to Speech and Language […]

Exercise makes us Happy, No Really!

Most of us know that when we exercise our body changes – we build muscle, burn fat, increase stamina. Although the effects on our brain and mood are not as obvious. When we start exercising the brain interprets it as a moment of stress. As our heart pressure increases the brain thinks that we are […]

Exercise – The mind makes a big difference

The secret to becoming fitter? It’s all in the mind. When it comes to fitness, your state of mind is now considered as important as training your body. It has been proven many times that a strong, trained mind makes it a lot easier to get fitter, healthier, achieve your goals and stick to them. […]