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We’ve applied for ISO 27001 Certification

Why are we doing this? “The security of your data is paramount to us” – see how easy that is to say! One thing we’ve realised since we started WriteUpp in 2012 is that providing “software as service” is like an iceberg. As users, you see the features and user interface enhancements above the water […]

Why have we invested in Microsoft Azure?

We recently took the decision to migrate to Microsoft’s world-class Azure hosting platform. Here are our primary reasons for making this decision: Scaleability The WriteUpp user base has grown exponentially over the past three years and we expect this growth to continue going forwards. This is not marketing hyperbole, just check out the graph of our […]

The Best "Expressive Language" Apps – Reviewed By a Speech Therapist

There are many Language Apps for iPad that can be used effectively to develop your child’s language and written expression. Children are now using technology devices such as iPads from a very young age, therefore using a technology platform which is familiar to them can greatly enhance their engagement and response to Speech and Language […]

Simple, Bite-Sized Practice Management Tips to Help you Grow Your Business

Your treasure trove of straightforward, practical advice to help you start, manage and grow your own healthcare practice. If you like what you read feel free to share with your friends and colleagues. Enjoy! What are you interested In? Winning Clients – We all want more clients right? Marketing Your Practice – “I’m an expert […]

iOS Healthbook App – Could Change Health and Fitness Market

Healthbook app monitors activity, nutrition, blood pressure and sugar, sleep, respiratory rate and heart rate. Apple is never usually the first to enter the market. The iPad wasn’t the first released tablet and iPhone was not the first smartphone. However when they do enter the market, they usually win it. New details about its Healthbook […]

First Facial Reconstruction Surgery With Help of 3D Printer

A man from Cardiff, Stephen Power had a critical motorcycle accident in 2012 which left him hospitalised for months. He experienced serious damage to his maxilla, cheekbones, nose and fractured his skull despite wearing a helmet. When he eventually left the hospital, his face was disfigured, which he explains majorly affected the quality of his […]

ER doctors Use Google Glass To Quickly Access Patient Information

A hospital in Boston has developed a custom information retrieval system for Google Glass, that allows ER doctors to scan a QR code on the wall of each room to retrieve patient information. Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, described the system in his blog: “In the Emergency Department, we’ve developed […]

iPad brain rehabilitation app is proving to be very successful

Many stroke and traumatic brain injury sufferers experience difficulty speaking or understanding what other people are saying. Thankfully the brain is able to repair itself to some extent, with the help of cognitive and speech therapy programs. However the rehabilitation process is very expensive and often requires weekly visits of specialty clinics. A startup business […]

Kinect Helps Stroke Victims With Rehab Process

Kinect, Microsoft’s motion-sensing technology could make stroke rehabilitation more successful and more fun. Researchers have been working in partnerships 7,000 miles apart in order to help stroke victims recover their motor skills faster by using Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing system. A partnership between Seoul National University and Microsoft Research Asia revealed their laboratory project Stroke Recovery […]

Private Practice Tips: Creating Online Video To Market Your Healthcare Practice

There are many great reasons why you should create online videos for your business. Here are just a few: Youtube is the second biggest search engine after google A video can seriously help you to create your brand and build brand awareness If a photo says a thousand words, video says a million It provides […]