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WriteUpp – Split Screen (iOS), VAT & Discounts (Desktop v2.11)

In this release we have mainly been laying down the ground work for an exciting new feature that will be coming your way very soon! (Check out our Instagram page for a sneak peak, but don’t tell Bob I told you!) We have also made a doozy of an improvement to the mobile app, so make […]

WriteUpp- The wait for Waiting Lists is over! (Desktop v2.10)

This release (Desktop v2.10) provides you with the ability to add clients to a waiting list and we’ve also given you the ability to organise patients into your own self-defined lists, which might be used for things like: Follow Up Lists Outstanding Notes Lists but you have total control over this so the list is endless! (See what I did there?!) We know this […]

WriteUpp – New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes (Desktop v2.09)

In this release (Desktop v2.09) we have been laying the foundations for some awesome new features that will be coming your way. Here’s what we’ve been up to: New Feature Your Patient has Arrived… You can now set up an “Arrived” status for when a patient arrives for their appointment. This will generate a notification […]

WriteUpp – Tweaks & Bug Fixes (Desktop v2.08)

This release (Desktop v2.08) includes a number of tweaks and bug fixes before we head into another concerted push on new features. Improvements (aka Tweaks!) Responsive Patient Tab Previously the Patient tab of the patient summary (in both edit and view states) was aligned to the left of the screen which meant that if you had a large screen you […]

WriteUpp – Introducing Smart Forms (Desktop v2.07)

We’re always looking for ways to automate your practice and save you time and this update (Desktop v2.07) is no exception. It includes a fabulous new feature, Smart Forms, that should slash the amount of time you spend completing forms with your client or waiting for your client to complete a form during their session. It also contains a number […]

WriteUpp – New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes (Desktop v2.06.1)

In this release we’ve focused on tidying up some loose ends after our fantastic Direct Messaging release (You can read all about it here) Here’s what we have been up to: New Features We have added an additional Report to WriteUpp: Activity by ISC code. This can be found in Reports -> Performance We have added […]

WriteUpp- Direct Messaging is here! (Desktop v2.06)

One of the hottest topics that has been hitting our Help Desk over the past 12 months has been “email encryption” and back in March we wrote the following article setting out our thoughts on it, both positive and negative. GDPR:Email Encryption Just to be clear, we have no issues with encrypting messages. Security underpins everything we […]

WriteUpp – New Reports, Improvements & Bug Fixes (Desktop v2.05.30)

This release (Desktop v2.05.30) is all about reporting! We’ve added 11 new reports that should give you more insight into your team performance and client data. In addition, we’ve added a handy new auto-recover feature and as always we’ve fixed a few bugs. Improvements New Reports We added 11 new reports that can be run from WriteUpp. […]

WriteUpp – Improvements & Bug fixes (desktop v2.05.29)

In this mini release (Desktop v2.05.29) we’ve been tying up a few loose ends before we get stuck into some really juicy stuff that is coming your way! Here’s what we’ve been up to: Improvements We have added Luxembourg and Malta dialling codes Bug Fixes Changes made to Stripe connection weren’t being updated in WriteUpp. […]

WriteUpp – Part Payments are here! (Desktop v2.05.28)

Today’s update marks the resumption of normal service for us here at WriteUpp. During the past nine months we’ve been doggedly assessing the GDPR situation and rolling out tools to try and help make your life easier as this important piece of legislation came into effect but now we’re back on the exciting stuff and we’ve got lots coming […]