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WriteUpp Case Study – Alison's Story

Recently, Alison Moore kindly offered to speak to us here at WriteUpp about her experience with the software and how it has fitted into running her business. We had a question and answer session and it was really interesting to hear Allison’s story. 1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your […]

Barrecore: the latest exercise phenomenon

Barrecore’s unique blend of ballet, yoga and pilates is gaining traction at a rate of knots, becoming THE workout of choice for women who want to tone up, boost their general fitness levels whilst remaining feminine. The Health Benefits Barrecore’s focus on interval training and static stretches, improves both posture and alignment whilst toning up […]

Ditch Your Car – Use your Legs!

When we are advised to increase the level of physical activity in our lifestyles, physiotherapists, doctors and numerous online health experts recommend walking.   Health Educator and Fitness Instructor Nicole Nichols explains why:   Great for the Heart: as it reduces high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both of which are causes for heart disease. […]

Physiotherapists Can Help Tackle Lethargy ‘Epidemic’

Physiotherapists and other health professionals could play a vital role in an attempt to reverse an ‘epidemic’ of sluggishness across the UK. A report by the all-party Commision on Physical Activity has revealed that people in the UK have ‘simply stopped moving’.   Which is very worrying considering this lack of physical activity is the […]

Eat Pulses daily and Reduce Your Bad Cholesterol Levels

A new study has revealed that eating one daily serving (130g) of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils significantly reduces ‘bad cholesterol’ and as a result lowers the risk of heart disease. The study was led by Dr. John Sievenpiper, from St. Michaels Hospital’s Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Centre. The results have been published […]

Green Tea Optimizes Our Working Memory

In traditional Chinese Medicine green tea has been used for centuries to treat anything from a headache to depression. The western world has also claimed green tea to be a superfood because of its antioxidant and metabolism enhancing qualities.   Now new research suggests that green tea can also optimize our brain’s cognitive functions, especially […]

The Brain Structures Memories by Time

New research has revealed that our brain stores memories by their ‘temporal context’, namely what happened before a memory and what came after. “We need to remember not just what happened, but when,” said Liang-Tien (Frank) Hsieh, a graduate student at the University of California, Davis, Center for Neuroscience and first author on a study […]