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WriteUpp – Grab yourself some free SMS Credits!

Do you love WriteUpp? Have you got friends or colleagues that could benefit from using it? Let them know, we’d really really appreciate it! As you know, WriteUpp relies on your kind words to encourage people to give it a try. Word of mouth is an invaluable marketing tool that we couldn’t do without. With […]

WriteUpp – Could a Virtual Reception Service help you?

Occasionally, we feature guest posts here on the WriteUpp Blog to mix it up a bit and provide an alternate perspective on practice-related matters. This post was very kindly contributed by Kelly Ball at Pocket Receptionist. We realise that reception services aren’t for everyone but if you’re considering using one Kelly’s article should be just […]

7 Ways To Skyrocket Customer Conversions Through Persuasive Writing

From time to time, we like to share content written by fellow WriteUpp users which we think you’d find beneficial. In this post, Joe Searle is sharing his top tips on persuading potential clients to set foot through your door. Joe is a long-standing WriteUpp user as well as being a health and wellness copywriter. He helps […]

Eradicate No-Shows From Your Practice

No-Shows, DNA, CNA etc etc. Whatever you call them there’s nothing more frustrating than a “no show”. It’s a double whammy of lost income and unplanned downtime, that you often can’t fill. But is it worth fixing? We think so. Our evidence suggests that most practices experience something like a 10% DNA rate which equates to […]

WriteUpp – SMS Outage at the weekend

A few of you have been in touch with us over the weekend regarding issues with SMS confirmations and Reminders not sending on Saturday 8th of July. We’ve been in touch with the 3rd party organisation that is responsible for sending out these messages and it appears that they experienced an outage the majority of […]

WriteUpp – Why don't we reply to RFI's, Requirements Specifications or Tenders?

Back in the day, software companies employed a small army of shiny suited sales personnel to “drive” sales, cajole prospective customers and hit quarterly targets. Thankfully, things have changed for the better. With social media, reviews and all the online content you could ever wish to read, you/we the consumer are now in the driving […]

It's Time To Get Budgeting

As someone who has acquired and sold a number of small businesses (£0.5 – £10m turnover) I’d like to think I’m pretty familiar with the way our size of company operates. These days WriteUpp takes up 100% of my attention so I’m no longer an acquirer or investor but I do help smaller business get started […]

Using Email Marketing To Promote Your Practice

If you’re a healthcare professional your clinical ability is a given but simply having professional competence is not always enough to sustain a viable healthcare business. In this brief article we look at how you can use WriteUpp (but it could be any other practice management system) and MailChimp to conduct engaging email marketing campaigns. […]

Google – You gotta be in it to win it!

If you run a healthcare practice and you want to get more income from new clients please take a few moments to read this article. Its non-technical, straightforward and won’t cost you a penny, but it will generate you more business. Lets consider a real-world situation… You go for a run, injure your knee and […]