Ability to show treatment duration on an invoice and bug fixes (web v2.13.11)

This release of WriteUpp (Web v 2.13.11) brings you a small addition to the information that can be displayed on a created invoice and a small bug fix. Here is what we’ve been up to this week:


Ability to add “Time/Quantity” to an invoice

You now have the option to add the “Time/Quantity” spent on an appointment to an invoice. To include this on your invoices go to Settings -> Invoice and select “Time/Quantity”
[fb2380840e6e7b8e84622cd90dc51eec]_Image 2019-08-19 at 10.10.10 am
This information will appear on your invoices here:
[a6c485a4975ecc75b3b33cf345fc89a7]_Image 2019-08-19 at 10.13.30 am

Ability to “label” a note via the WriteUpp app

You can now “Label” a note via the WriteUpp app:
Image 2019-08-15 at 2.29.16 pm
You can find out more information on the WriteUpp app here

Bug Fix

  • If you created a document in the web version of WriteUpp, saved it and then later edited it, the last saved date wasn’t updating in the App. This has now been fixed


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