Going paperless with WriteUpp never felt so good!

Lots of people still use paper to manage their practices and we get it. Its a hard habit to kick and making the switch to a paperless (or near paperless) practice is a little bit daunting. If you need a nudge or you just want to be convinced that other people like you are going […]

What’s the thinking behind the revised website?

Background On Tuesday next week (14th January 2020) we will be launching a new marketing website at WriteUpp.com that will also feature some tweaks to our branding. This article explains what you can expect to see and (for those who are interested) the rationale behind the changes. To be 100% clear, these changes ONLY relate to WriteUpp.com and have […]

Ability to revert to a saved note, improved Xero error message and Bug Fixes (web v.2.13.25)

In this release (web v2.13.25) we have added the ability to revert to a previous version of a saved note, improved an error message that is associated with the bulk contact mapper in Xero and corrected some bugs that were in the system. Here’s what we’ve been up to: Improvements Ability to revert to a […]

Improvement & Bug Fixes (Web v2.13.24)

This WriteUpp release includes a small improvement relating to what is displayed on your invoices when a discount is applied and some bug fixes. Here’s what we’ve been up to: Improvement Original price of an appointment displayed if you add a discount If you apply a discount to an invoice, you will now see the original price […]

Improvements and Bug fixes (web v2.13.23)

This small WriteUpp release (web v2.13.23) brings you a new warning message if you delete a reminder template that is in use and some small bug fixes. Here’s what we’ve been working on: Improvement Warning message when deleting a communication template that is in use If you delete a reminder template that is in use, you […]

Addition of Bermuda $ and Bug fixes (Web v2.13.22)

This mini release of WriteUpp (web v2.13.22) brings the addition of the Bermuda $ and some small bug fixes. Here’s what we’ve been up to: Improvement You will now find the Bermuda $ under Settings -> Invoice -> Currency Bug Fixes New and existing users were experiencing an issue when using PayPal to manage their WriteUpp subscription. This has […]

How do I build a conversion-focused practice website?

Background I’m writing this article because I received a message from one of our clients recently who was obviously quite p!$$@d by his experience of working with a number of different web development shops. He very kindly and flatteringly asked if we would consider building his site because he loves WriteUpp and he likes the no […]